ABOUT US:                            

    We're Jim & Melody Rondeau, long time science fiction & fantasy fans, collecting books, fanzines, comic books, TV/movie memorabilia for decades, publishing fanzines, and helping friends, acquaintances, and fanzine editors sell their extra stuff at conventions, through the mail, and over the internet.  We do it strictly as a hobby, taking a percentage of the sales for other people so small that we don't come anywhere near breaking even every year.  That's why people point at us and laugh.  (Well, there are other reasons, too, but let's not get into that.)
    Jim was a delivery driver (fat lot of good his degree in Physics helped him).  Melody is a cartoonist trained in animation (with no animation companies left near where we lived).  Our cat tries to make sure every box that goes out has at least three cat hairs in it.  Together we try to keep track of things we're selling for over 170 180 185 260(!) people... and Make It Go Away!
    This website is being maintained on an older computer using and outdated program -- 'vintage' at the very least.  The website is hosted by a friend with the server in his den.  (It's vintage, too, but due to be replaced the summer of 2024.)  There may be glitches in the website from time to time (please let us know if you experience any problems!).  
    We do try to answer questions, should you have any.  It may not be right away, but we try.  Just remember to look for us in your spam filter if you haven't heard from us within thirty days.  That will be us, waving up at you from the bottom, reading those funny offers you ignored.

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