Last updated June 11, 2024

KNITTED SOULS (stories collected from the Internet), #1, 95p, $14.50.
SENTRY DUTY #1, 137p, $20.00.

    letters in parentheses indicate who we are selling them for
A SENTINEL'S GUIDE #1, 180p, (SG2)(PD)(LW)(SW)(EC), $9.00.
    #2, 201p, (SG2)(PD)(EC), $10.00.
    #3, 183p, (PD), $9.00; (JW), $10.00.
    #4, 196p, (PD)(JW)(ST), $10.00.
ACE IN THE HOLE by Lynn Montgomery, 146p, (SG2), $7.00; (LW), $23.00.
CASCADE BEYOND THE VEIL (horror stories) #1, 127p, (SG2), $6.00.
    #2, 151p, (SG2), $8.00.
CASCADE EFFECT, 79p, (SG2), $5.00.
CARRIED ON THE WIND by Cheila Paulson, a/u, crossed with Lord of the Rings, 126p, (JW), $7.00.  [also listed under Single Media]
CONCRETE JUNGLE #1, previously on net, 169p, (ST), $8.00; (SG2), $9.00.
THE ELLISON/SANBURG FILE by D.L. Witherspoon, crossed with X-Files, 137p, (PD), $7.00; (US), $8.00. [also listed under X-Files]
ENCYCLOPEDIA CASACADIA #1, nonfiction episode guide & commentary, 182p, (BAS), $9.00.
FAMILIES by Sheila Paulson, 98p, (SC2), $5.00.
KNITTED SOULS #1, stories by LRH Balzer previously on the net, 95p, (SG2), $5.00.
    #3, previously on net, 190p, (PD-slight water damage along edge last page), $9.00.
    #5, previously on the net, 138p, (SG2), $7.00.
    #6, stories by LRH Balzer previously on the net, 132p, (JW), $7.00.
    #10, original stories by LRH Balzer + net Sentinel/Pros by Gil Hale, 191p, (PD-water wrinkling along pages edge), $10.00.
LIFELINE by Tate, 140p, (TLD), $12.00.
THE LIMITS OF TRUST by Sheila Paulson, crossed with Stargate SG-1, 117p, (ST), $6.00.  [also listed under Stargate SG-1)
MERGED WORLDS, stories crossed with the Matrix, Due South, RGB, Stargate SG-1, Angel, Stargate/Invisible Man, 209p, (PD), $11.00.
THE SENSE-SATIONAL  COOKBOOK, recipes from Sentinel fans, 170p, (CT), $20.00.
SENSORY OVERLOAD #2, 149p, (SW)(SG2), $8.00.
    #4, 180p, (SG2), $9.00.
    #5, 152p, (PD), $8.00.
    #8, 209p, (PD), $10.00.
THE SENTINEL, collection of stories from the internet in matching volumes (perhaps a unique collection?), #11, crossed with XF, Hercules/Xena, Highlander, 153p, (SW), $6.00.
    #12, crossed with Pretender, Highlander, 173p, (SW), $7.00.
SENTRY DUTY #1, 137p, (SG2)(PD)(LW)(PD-spine curl), $7.00.
    #2, 208p, (PD)(LW?), $10.00; (SG2), $11.00.
    #4, 200p, (PD), $10.00.
    #7, 195p, (PD), $10.00.
    #8, 207p, (PD), $11.00.
    #9, 194p, (PD-slight water wrinkling lower corner), $10.00.
THE SENTRY POST #1, 134p, (BAS-front cover creased & ripped, back cover missing), $1.00; (SG2), $7.00.
    #2, 146p, (SG2), $8.00; (LW), $10.00.
    #3, 155p, (SG2)(PD)(LW), $8.00.
    #4, 153p, (SG2)(LW)(ESCA), $8.00.
    #5, 165p, (LW), $8.00.
    #6, 146p, (PD-water wrinkling, blank back cover stained), $5.00.
    #7, 136p, (PD)(PD), $7.00.
    Special Edition: Net Fic of K. Ryn, 160p, (SC2-small rip edge front cover, bottom edge back cover), $5.00; (SG2), $8.00.
STANDING SENTINEL #2: SAGE by Katie Steur, 284p, (TD2), $14.00.
THE THREE MONKEYS #2 See No Evil, 111p, (TLD), $6.00.

A SENTI-MENTAL CHRISTMAS, a CD organized by Henri Brown and Ryf Van Rij (Detectives Brown and Rafe), and contains songs and music featuring all your favorite actors from the tv show.  Tried-and-true carols, and fascinating interviews by Garret Maggart, Richard Burgi, Bruce A. Young, Anna Galvin and more, as well as producers Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo. (MB), $12.00

Garett Maggart at Moonridge Animal Park 2002, different photo for every month from an appearance there, (MB), $5.00.  [in Calendar Box 7]
SENTINEL 1999 fan made, photo collages, (ESCA), $5.00.  [in zine box]

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