last updated August 11, 2022
Summer brought us two fanzine collections to add to the chaos, after so many years of few trickling in.  Making time to put some on Ebay is helping to get them to go back out the door.  But the economy appears to be slowing at this point.

Conventions have kept us busy as well.  The downside of four in the first three week of August is each requires a different load, which means load/unload the van eight times.  It gets tiring.

We are still planning to put out a new strictly original series Star Trek fanzine, something retro style like what would have been done in the 1980's, nothing fancy.  We've gotten a number of stories, but no artwork yet.  Work was put on hold, alas, due to work on the 400+ boxes that came in last year.  It would be limited to 100 copies for sale + contributor copies of material not seen anywhere else before.  Anyone wish to submit a story &/or artwork?  We hope that it will be successful enough to produce at least a second issue.

Somehow we did manage to get out the first issue of an Alias Smith and Jones fanzine in January.  There will be a second issue if we get enough submissions.

Where Are They Now?  Thanks for the help we've gotten, but there's still a lot of people we'd like to find.


--Jim & Melody

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    Over the years a number of people we've sold for have moved without leaving us a forwarding address.  Any clue where these people live now?  Thank you, all of you who helped with a few names!

    NAME                         LAST KNOWN CITY

Matt Adamson                  Palm Springs

Beth Allinger                    Alameda

Constance Avino              Forest Park

Laura G. Cluney               San Jose

Eli Crespo                         San Jose

Joy Davis                          Springfield

Susan L. DeFelice            Hagerstown

Melissa Earle                    San Leandro

Jacki Edwards                  Sherman Oaks

Sashi German                   Philadlphia

Joni Gillespie                    Burlington

Ruth Hazelton                  Portland, ME

Nancy E. Hildebrand       Arvada

Michael Hill                     Carson City

Brenda Howell                 Martinez

Diane Keating                  Sunnyvale

Sheila Knight                   San Francisco

Lil Knights                       Maple Falls

Roxanna Lake                  Los Alamitos

Lynn Levine                     Watertown

Debortah A. Martin          Burke

Robin Mundy                 Riverside

Naomi Neumark               Northridge

Tamara Pickenpaugh        Cuyahoga Falls

Deb Price                         Westlake

Gayle Puhl                       Evansville

Tim Purdue                       Humbolt

Diane Rittenhouse            Eugene

Michael Ruff                     Scottsville

Dawn Schloesser              Neconset

Cheryl Serr                       San Antonio

Linda Stein                       San Carlos

Holly Wright                    Eugene